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Jetbest Indo is a subsidiary from the largest public listed ink manufacture Jetbest from Taiwan. We are working together to provide the best performance ink to South East Asia market and set a high standard on printing ink nationwide.

Jetbest has chosen Indonesia as South East Asia Provider because of its strategic location and high-end research facilities. They trust in Jetbest Indo to deliver the finest quality printer ink throughout South East Asia.

With ink and component development and manufacturing around the nations, Jetbest Indo redefines “Quality First”.

Jetbest Corporation- A Professional Elite R & D Team

Jetbest Corporation, formed in 2004, moving into the new factory in 2016, is devoted to the R & D and manufacture of inkjet printing products. Our purpose and belief is to Create Future with Research and Development. We recruit those professionals who have more than ten-year experience in the realm of production and manufacture of inkjet printing and spare parts.

Our R & D team accounts for as high as 20% of our company’s total staff. We not only quickly take hold of the industrial trends but also create new values to our products with the latest technology to launch a new realm of inkjet-related products.

Jetbest Corporation- High Quality Assurance

Jetbest has purchased state-of-the-art high-precision analytical instruments with high-accuracy and high-efficiency R & D and manufacture equipments under the insistence of stable production requirements and accurate quality monitoring. Inks are manufactured in clean rooms under an environment of constant temperature and humidity. In addition, automatic equipments are adopted in respect of ink packing to ensure the quality during the entire production process.

Jetbest is aiming at providing services to our customers with a sincere and responsible attitude. Our production technicians possess professional qualities by means of all-inclusive on-the-job training and follow the S.O.P during the production. Our production quality and stability are impeccable in light of the spirit of ISO 9001.

Jetbest Corporation- All-inclusive Service and Customer Focus

Up to this date, our products have been distributed throughout the world in over 80 countries. Customers are always our focus and are provided with all-inclusive service of total solutions.

We have various ECO inks and devote ourselves actively to the R & D of all kinds of specialized and functional inkjet inks applied to all colors so as to promote values and demand for the industrial products and create all-inclusive products with the highest economic values and benefits to our customers.

Jetbest Corporation- Respect for Ecology from Environmental Protection

Respecting the Earth’s ecology is the utmost core R & D value of Jetbest. We make every effort to ensure that during every link of the development and manufacturing process our products do not contain any obvious harmful materials to the whole humanity and environment. Taking for example our latest technology “ECold Sublimation” for textile inks, its eco-friendly formula not only increases the lifespan of the print head but also reduces wear and tear and hence wastage of resources.

It strikes a perfect balance between our products and environmental protection. Every product from Jetbest is designed form the perspective of caring about the natural environment while expecting to use new technologies to create greener economic products which are environmentally friendly.

Jetbest Corporation- Our Care and Feedback for the Society and Humanity

Jetbest duly fulfills its social responsibilities with a grateful mind. We devote a regular percentage of funds, goods and materials to sponsoring the disadvantaged minority, public interest groups as well as activities that can promote the development of society and humanity. Our belief and calling is “what’s taken from the society should be used for the society”.

We care about our fellow human beings and our society by taking realistic actions. We hope to spread our belief from a point, “Jetbest”, to the line, i.e., all classes in our society, and further to the plane, namely, the global environment, to which we shall devote all we can.


Jetbest Corporation is the world leader in developing and manufacturing inkjet inks for major printer brands and forthcoming wide-format printers. We are located in Hsinchu, a renowned scientific and technological city in Taiwan. Moreover, we are surrounded by semiconductor and computer peripheral device factories. By intensively monitoring printer-related trends and maintaining an intimate business relationship with local strategic partners, we are able to provide our customers with rapid advancement in the printer-related technologies.

Jetbest Corporation is an all-inclusive company in the ink industry. With a concentrated focus in Research and Development, we are able to develop water-based, oil-based, and solvent-based ink in real time. Likewise, with our constant innovation, we empower our clients with the freedom to address their specific needs. We provide our customers with low-cost and high-quality products.


Only Jetbest Can Satisfy the Best Printers


We are able to set the standard in the printer/ink-related market. By recruiting knowledgeable researchers, who survey the market demand on solvent-based, water-based, oil-based, and UV-curable products, we further our innovative capabilities.
  • Advance Instruments
  • Versatile Material
  • High Standard Of Environmental Protection

Quality Assurance

As a quality leader in the Ink industry for years, Jetbest Indo kept looking forward to assure the best quality must be delivered  for customer worldwide and set highest standard in every production that will 100% guaranteed satisfaction.
  • Premium Resources
  • High Quality Development
  • Spectacular Researchers


PT. Best Color Indonesia Ruko Mahkota Palace, Jl. Kenjeran 633 Blok A 7 – 8, Surabaya 60113, Indonesia
  • Mail : sales@jetbestindo.com
  • Phone : ( +62 31 3822158 /683 )

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